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Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) uses

Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) uses:
Trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) has strong sterilization, bleaching, having a quick sustained release characteristics, livestock breeding industry, as well as cotton, hemp fiber fabric washing bleach, wool shrink proofing agents, can also be used for rubber chloride, battery materials, organic synthesis industry and clothes dry bleach. The product ratio of sodium dichloroisocyanurate disinfection, bleaching more powerful.
In conclusion, this work has shown an easy transformation of amines and a-aminoacids through reaction with trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA): in all cases the yields are practically quantitative and the products recovered in pure form from the reaction mixture. This method is characterized by mild reaction conditions, non-toxic by-products and easy reaction work-up, making it ideal for both laboratory and large scale.
United States is the largest consumer of trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA), the annual consumption of more than 80,000 tons, followed by Japan, the annual consumption of about 30,000 tons. Foreign trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA) consumption to sanitation and disinfection based. Wherein the maximum amount of swimming pool disinfection sheet, accounting for about 80% of the United States, for example, swimming pool disinfection annual consumption of about 70,000 tons: Pieces water followed by health, hospitals and other public facilities disinfection. Statistics show that foreign consumption to 14% annual growth rate.